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GizmoQuest Computing Lab

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  1. HIPify-Easy-Installer HIPify-Easy-Installer Public

    To enable easy installation of HIPify to be able to port CUDA code to ROCm HIP.

    Jupyter Notebook 2

  2. Hands-On-GPU-Computing-with-Python Hands-On-GPU-Computing-with-Python Public

    Forked from avimanyu786/Hands-On-GPU-Computing-with-Python

    Companion code for the book to explore the capabilities of GPUs for solving high performance computational problems.

    Jupyter Notebook

  3. clpy clpy Public

    Forked from fixstars/clpy

    OpenCL backend for CuPy


  4. CellModeller CellModeller Public

    Forked from avimanyu786/CellModeller

    GPU-accelerated multicellular modelling framework

    Jupyter Notebook

  5. TrajectoryMergeAssist TrajectoryMergeAssist Public

    Forked from avimanyu786/TrajectoryMergeAssist

    A GUI utility to simplify extended molecular dynamics simulations on Desmond and GROMACS


  6. deepchem deepchem Public

    Forked from avimanyu786/deepchem

    Democratizing Deep-Learning for Drug Discovery, Quantum Chemistry, Materials Science and Biology



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