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  1. +783 −540 brain/brain.xml
  2. BIN ... Israel, showing the wanderings of the Israelite in the desrt, Amsterdam, 17th century, NLI.jpg}
  3. BIN ...C7F-8E83-080D-9541-6DD1DE77EB36 → 291B00DA-6A47-6BC4-98BE-63B1C5F553DC}/
  4. BIN brain/files/403D55C8-4B15-4985-CB9F-6A8D5646BE79/The Basch Diary, p.4, NLI.jpg
  5. BIN ...E83-080D-9541-6DD1DE77EB36/Inauguration ceremony of the Hebrew university, mount Scopus, 1925.jpg
  6. BIN brain/files/5A10788F-2F22-AEC1-F1C1-1D90B2AB0CD0/Walter Benjamin;93#&s grave in Portbou.jpg
  7. BIN ...g → Arbeit macht frei (Labour liberates), the deceptive sign above the entrance to Auschwitz.jpg}
  8. BIN ...files/5F686845-0FE0-05B2-DA4E-F175EF995458/Children at concentration camp with stripe uniform.jpg
  9. BIN ...rning the bodies at the Death Camps.jpg → Crematorium, burning the bodies at the Death Camps.jpg}
  10. BIN → Antonino de Angelis, map of Jerusalem, Rome, 1578, Alfred Moldovan Collection, New-York.jpg}
  11. BIN ...Portae Lucis, Latin translation of Gikatilla;93#&s Kabbalistic work Shaarei Ora - Gates of Light.jpg}
  12. BIN, map of the Holy Land, Amsterdam, 1629, the route of the Children of Israel in the desert.jpg}
  13. BIN ...s letter to his father.jpg → kafka;93#&s letter to his father, Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach.jpg}
  14. BIN ...basle, 75015 Paris.jpg → Walter Benjamin - Plaque commemorative 10 rue Dombasle, 75015 Paris.jpg}
  15. BIN ...→ Copy ofReading room at Bet Neeman, the Midrash Abarbanel Library, 1902 (photo Zadok Basan).jpg}
  16. BIN ... → A39F194E-7EA0-E641-B943-A9255C33A28D/Zweig;93#&s Letter to Martin Buber, 24.1.1917, p.1, NLI.jpg}
  17. BIN ... → A39F194E-7EA0-E641-B943-A9255C33A28D}/Zweig;93#&s letter to Martin Buber, 24.1.1917, p.2, NLI.jpg
  18. BIN ... → A39F194E-7EA0-E641-B943-A9255C33A28D}/Zweig;93#&s letter to Martin Buber, 24.1.1917, p.3, NLI.jpg
  19. BIN ...6-07-01.jpg → Isaac Newton Wallop, 5th Earl of Portsmouth, Vanity Fair caricature, 1.7.1876.jpg}
  20. BIN ...;93#&s letter to the miners (Draft), NLI.jpg → Copy ofNewton;93#&s letter to the miners (draft), NLI.jpg}
  21. BIN ...CD9A-27EE-740250DFB6A6/{Ortelius Abraham leaving Haran.jpg → Ortelius, Abraham leaving Haran.jpg}
  22. BIN ...).jpg → A copy of Matthaus Merian;93#&s engraving of Ezekiel;93#&s vision, Iconum Biblicarum (1670).jpg}
  23. BIN ...s/BECC5ABA-AB23-EA10-9DD6-17B72E29AE48/Jaroslav Rona;93#&s bronze statue of Franz Kafka in Prague.jpg
  24. BIN brain/files/C686E53C-0F9C-5637-78E5-A508AE770632/{ →}
  25. BIN ...- 1768, p.2, NLI.jpg → De Lonzano, ;93#&Avodat Mikdash;93#& (Temple Worship), manuscript, 1768, NLI.jpg}
  26. BIN brain/files/FBB87542-8711-9658-C73F-D63EC0CD546E/Book of Hours, 15th century, Bruges, NLI .jpg
  27. BIN ...graphia (2ed cent.), printed in Ulm 1486, with hand-drawn illustrations. Laor Collection, NLI.jpg
  28. BIN ...F-D63EC0CD546E/Napoleon;93#&s letter to general Destaing during the campaign in Egypt, 9.7.1799 .jpg
  29. BIN ...doms of the European tribes, the Temple and the history of Jewish and Christian Churches, NLI.jpg
  30. BIN, opening page of an illuminated Armenian manuscript of the History of the World, 1693, NLI.jpg
  31. BIN ...658-C73F-D63EC0CD546E/The Kiss of Judas, Book of Hours, Manuscript, 15th century, Bruges, NLI.jpg

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