agario Python client and connection toolkit
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Due to heavy changes in the web client and protocol, this project does not work anymore.


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The client can be installed directly from PyPI with

pip install agarnet

or, if you want to get/edit the source code,

git clone
cd agarnet/
python3 install


See doc/:


This is a hobby project of me, on which I work in my free time.

Pull requests are more than welcome, but you should open an issue first, so we can talk about it.

I reverse-engineered the protocol implementation by looking at the (barely) obfuscated Javascript code on the website. Although it would be much easier now to write a client, because there is a wiki describing the whole protocol and most game mechanics.

If you have any game-related questions, feel free to ask in the #agariomods IRC channel on the Rizon network. For questions about this client specifically, open an issue or write me an email:


This project isn't affiliated with in any way. When playing with this client, you do not get advertisements, which may be nice for you, but does not pay for the servers needed to run the game.

Licensed under GPLv3.