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Gladys BlockStack

Gladys is an open-source home automation assistant, that runs on your Raspberry Pi.

The Gladys-BlockStack module allows you to save your home preferences in the BlockStack network.

It means that you can safely rely on Blockstack to store your home preferences, because data is end-to-end encrypted on BlockStack.

Read more about their technology on their website =>


To install this module, go to your Gladys, go to the module tabs, click on Advanced, then enter the following informations:

  • Name: BlockStack
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Git URL:
  • Slug: blockstack

Click on install, then reboot Gladys!


  • Go to theModules tab in Gladys, then click on the Configuration button of the BlockStack module.

Configuration Step 1 Blockstack Gladys

  • You can now login with your BlockStack account

Configuration Step 2 Blockstack Gladys

  • You should be able to login, save your home preferences in Blockstack and re-import it back when needed.

Configuration Step 3 Blockstack Gladys