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  • Added www subdomain of MangaDex


  • Online Save
    • Import, Export or Download the list
    • Disabled by default
    • Manage online list (update credentials, token and delete the list)
  • Updated options layout, again
  • Added a Download button for Export (MMD)
  • Added an file select button for the Import (MMD)
  • Added support for the new /genre page on MangaDex
  • Added a Show Lower button on chapter list pages to show hidden chapters
  • Fix MD list status when auto-updating it
  • Fix Date buttons in MAL modal
  • Fix MAL id detection

1.9.10 + 1.9.11

  • Fix icon in options page
  • Final fix for the "Export (MAL)" feature
  • Save empty new entries when exporting to MAL


  • Added warnings in the options
  • Fix for the "Export (MAL)" feature, again


  • Fix for the "Export (MAL)" feature


  • Added a "Copy" button when exporting a MyMangaDex save
  • Added a "Delete on MyAnimeList" button inside the MAL Modal
  • Added "Export (MAL)" option, thanks @Nvyous
  • Added an option to remove the "No MAL Flag" added in the previous version
  • Save MyAnimeList id directly on title page to avoid not saving it if there is a MyAnimeList error
  • Fix higher chapter detection to avoid updating on MyAnimeList for chapter with floating point


  • Add a "No MAL" icon when there is no MyAnimeList id in chapters list
  • Removed useless code in the paintOrHide function
  • Fix logged in MyAnimeList detection
  • Added a message to fill the gap on title list when not logged in
  • Updated notification to check for undefined in vanilla notify rather than when calling the function
  • Fix add click to paint event only if the option is enabled


  • Fix "start date set to today" notification when reading multiple chapters of a new title


  • Fix hiding first row with a chapter lower than another


  • Added the forgotten "Today" button in the MyAnimeList modal
  • Added back the "painting when opening a chapter in another tab" feature


  • Added "Today" button in the modal
  • Added back the event for painting a chapter in a chapters list on middle-click


  • Added more options to disable things:
    • Disable highlights
    • Disable notifications
    • Disable error notifications
  • Restored and fixed pages with a list of titles
    • The page was detected as a title page
  • Updated the highlight on chapters list
    • More simple and to support the new option
  • Made notifications close by cliking on it
    • To make it easier on Mobile devices
  • Fix "Not logged in" notification on new unread manga
  • Removed a console.log
  • Replaced console.error with notifications
  • Removed "auxclick" (middle click) painting the background on chapters list


  • Chrome version
  • Added more MangaDex list status update
    • When Re-reading, Adding to Plan to Read, Adding on hold or dropping
  • Minify bash script
  • Updated MyAnimeList Modal
    • Follow the MangaDex style and use bootstrap classes
    • Now update all displayed values when updating them
  • Tooltips are now correctly displayed when resizing the window
  • Chapters with floating point are correctly saved in chapters list
  • Converted Promise to async/await
    • Minimum required version is now Firefox 61
  • Option page once again reworked
  • Updated default colors
  • Updated README and better screenshots
  • Converted to camelCase
  • Removed the form to add a MyAnimeList ID
  • Removed the merge option when importing MyMangaDex save


  • Fix the Random page of MangaDex
    • There is no id in the URL and the extension was using only the URL to find one


  • Fix MMD import


  • Moved the Import, Export and Delete buttons to the options
  • Reworked the options a bit
  • Added the auto update of MDList
    • Starting or completing a manga can now set the Reading or Completed status on MangaDex
    • Options is off by default
  • Fix MAL import
  • Added some notifications when there is an update and a first time use notification
  • Moved the changelog to it's own file
  • Moved css files to their folder


  • Fix options, oops.
  • Updated Readme

1.6.1 (+ 1.6.2)

  • Fix for the MangaDex update (/manga is now /title)


  • Rereading
    • Can edit the "is_rereading" value in the edit modal
    • Added a "Re-read" button on the manga page when a manga is completed
  • Avoid updating if the chapter is delayed

1.5.6 (+ 1.5.7)

  • Fix not updating the last read

1.5.4 (+ 1.5.5)

  • Update to support chapter change with the new reader
  • Fix for Import (MAL)
  • Fixed the modal header height


  • Fixed the Addon .. Again !
    • This time it was MangaDex that updated
  • Removed the "Follow Button" on lists page, and the corresponding option
    • MangaDex added them
  • Minified vanilla-notify and mymangadex
  • Moved the notification to the left, since the reader menu is now on the right
  • Added the the MDList page to the list of pages containing lists of titles


  • Fixed the Addon
    • Recent MyAnimeList broke it somehow :(
  • Tooltips now appear faster and don't wait for the thumbnail to load fully


  • Bug fixed
    • An empty chapter page (for when a group WILL publish a chapter, but isn't due to group delay) wasn't working
  • Updating a MyAnimeList entry trough the Edit button now edit informations if they are displayed (Manga page)
  • Added the /group and /user page to highlight chapters like in the /follows page
  • Added the /group and /user page to the list of pages that contains a list of titles (to display the Follow/Read buttons)


  • Modal to directly edit all informations from MyAnimeList
  • Tooltip with thumbnail on pages with a list and without thumbnail
  • "Reading" and "Plan to read" button on the pages with a list
  • Detect if a MyAnimeList was added on MangaDex
  • Bigger notifications
  • Modified the thumbnail URL to avoid s1.


  • Bugs fixed again
  • Better main loop on the follow page
  • Removed support for 1.1 (1.2 and higher are fine)
  • Save only a certain amount of chapters * Default 100, option to change it
  • Better updates handling


  • Lot of bugs fixed
  • Cleaner code (I hope)
  • Keep track of any opened chapters and highlight them
  • Show manga image and last 5 highest opened chapters when hovering the title

1.1 (1.0)

  • Keep track of last open chapter for each manga
  • Update manga info on MyAnimeList
  • Import data from MyAnimeList
  • Better follow page
  • Display some informations and highlight last open on the manga page
  • Export, import and delete MyMangaDex local storage
  • Add a MyAnimeList link if there isn't one for a manga
  • Some options
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