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Lightweight and simple notification library in JavaScript.
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SimpleNotification is a library to display simple yet customizable notifications.

You can find a live demo here:


You simply need to include simpleNotification.css (or it's minified version), simpleNotification.js and you're ready to go !

How to use

SimpleNotification has static methods to display notifications, and there is 5 default templates.
You can call each templates by their name directly on SimpleNotification without instantiating it, for example: SimpleNotification.succes(...).

Name Result
success Success notification
info Information notification
error Error notification
warning Warning notification
message Message notification

Each functions have the same parameters:

Name Description
title The title of the notification.
text The content of the notification.
image Add an image next to the notification content.
options The parameters for this notification.

All parameters are optional, but at least one is required.

You can use custom classes and make your own design by using SimpleNotification.custom(classes, title, text, options) where classes is an array of CSS classes that will be added to the body of each notifications.

You can jump line inside the notification content by using any linebreak character (\r, \n or \r\n).


There is a few options that you can set by using SimpleNotification.options(object) or more specifically for a single notification on the third parameter.

Name Description
duration The time that the notification is displayed.
fadeout The duration of the fadeout animation when the notification display time is over.
position Valid positions: top-left, top-right, bottom-left and bottom-right.
sticky If set to true, the notification will not disappear until the user click it or it's close button.
closeButton If set to true, a close button will be added, on the title or on the content.
closeOnClick If set to true, clicking anywhere in the notificaton will close it.

If a notification is sticky and closeOnClick is disabled, closeButton is set to true to always have a way to close a notification.

Text Tag

You can insert links, or stylize text by using tags that ressemble Markdown.

Name Description
Inline code ``code``
Header (h2) # Header 2\r\n
Header (h3) ## Header 3\r\n
Link {{title:}} or {{!}}
Bold ****
Italic **

You can add custom tags easily by adding them to SimpleNotification.tags or by using SimpleNotification.addTag(name, object).
A tag object can have the following properties:

    type: 'span', // The node type, e.g <span>
    class: 'class1 class2', // Optional class list (as a string) to use
    attributes: {
        name: value
    }, // Optional attributes to set
    textContent: "$content", // textContent of the created node, see below for variables
    title: false, // See "Title" below
    open: '{{', // The opening token - any length
    close: '}}' // The closing token - can be linebreak by using \n


There is 2 usable variables inside attributes values, textContent and title:

  • $content: the content found between the open and close token, without title if there is one
  • $title: the title found, if there is none it is replaced by the same value as $content


Tags can have a title. It's additional data that can be used for the result.

The title of a tag is found by using the first separator :, you can avoid using a separator by adding a slash before \:.
You can also avoid using title for the tag by adding ! before the content, the following examples are the same and will display a link with the URL as it's displayed content. If title is not defined or set to false, it will ignore the title find step.

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