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Google+ Java API

A Java client for the Google+ API, based on spring-social.

This library is built ontop of spring-social and uses apache http components and jackson (see below the full list of dependencies)


The way to use the API is:

GooglePlusFactory factory = new GooglePlusFactory(clientId, clientSecret);
// the refreshListener is notified in case a new access token is obtained after the old one expires
Plus plus = factory.getApi(accessToken, refreshToken, refreshListener);
ActivityFeed activities = plus.getActivityOperations().list(userId);

The factory is thread-safe and is supposed to have a single instance in your application.


Google+ uses OAuth2. Read through the documentation to get a clear picture. Here tokens are obtained as follows (in a web application):

GooglePlusFactory factory = new GooglePlusFactory(clientId, clientSecret);
OAuth2Parameters oAuthParams = new OAuth2Parameters();
String url = factory.getOAuthOperations()
    .buildAuthenticateUrl(GrantType.AUTHORIZATION_CODE, oAuthParams);

After the user authorizes your app they will be redirected to your /oauth/ url. There you will receive a "code" parameter. You can exchange that code for an access token:

AccessGrant accessGrant = factory.getOAuthOperations()
    .exchangeForAccess(code, oAuthParams.getRedirectUri(), null);

Spring Social Configuration

If you want to integrate using Spring Social as described in their documentation simply add:

        registry.addConnectionFactory(new GooglePlusConnectionFactory(

Where the clientId and clientKey are supplied by Google having created a Web Application (not a Service Account or Installed Application).

An example scope:

https://www.googleapis.com/auth/plus.login https://www.googleapis.com/auth/plus.me email profile

Google allows the registration of multiple email addresses of various types. For the purposes of UserProfile (as supplied by Spring Social), the email address is of the Google Account type. This may be null.


This library depends on a couple of libraries. All of them are industry-standards - widely tested and adopted:

  • spring-social (base framework for social network API clients) (including spring-social-core, and transitively: spring-web, spring-core, spring-beans and spring-context)
  • apache http components (used for handling the http traffic)
  • jackson (json mapper)
  • slf4j (logging facade that delegates to whatever logger you use in your project)

The preferable way of using this is through maven, so that all transitive dependencies are fetched automatically.


You can download the .jar file from the Releases section, or you can get it with maven:


If you want to use the latest SNAPSHOT, the repository you have to add is: