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package bg.statealerts.scraper.config
import scala.beans.BeanProperty
case class ExtractorDescriptor(
@BeanProperty sourceKey: String,
@BeanProperty sourceDisplayName: Option[String],
enabled: Option[Boolean],
documentType: String,
entriesPerRow: Option[Int], // in case there is no way to identify rows by XPath, or in case there is more than one entry per row, use a counter
paths: ElementPaths,
dateFormat: String,
dateLocale: Option[String],
dateRegex: Option[String], // in case the date is not in a separate field, use regex to locate it
url: String,
httpRequest: Option[HttpRequest],
heuristics: Option[Heuristics],
contentLocationType: String,
pagingMultiplier: Int,
firstPage: Int,
javascriptRequired: Option[Boolean],
failOnError: Option[Boolean], //whether an error in parsing one document should result in failing the whole batch
timeout: Int = 15 * 1000)