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29 days of short coding projects that will have you coding by the end of Black History Month
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Day -7 Heart| Pulsating Black Power
Day 1-Circle | Bouncing ball
Day 2-Curve | Rotation
Day-3 Circle | Stretch
Day-4 Parallelogram | Drop In
Day-5 Shield |Blinking
Day-6 Triangles| Rotating
TECH READY 2020-3.png
Week 2-Day 1|Fade In
Week 2|Day 2 Contrast
Week 3 day -1| Ying Yang




29 days of short coding projects that will have you coding by the end of Black History Month. This challenge is to gain some coding experience. Goal is to spend everyday in February learning how to code. We'll give you the basics to get you inspired. Use as much Black, Green,Red and Purple in your designs as possible y'all!


  • You'll want to use CodePen( to host your projects.
    • Codepen is a free online code editor that is perfect for beginnrs to use. While it is not an IDE or a text editor it's a great place to host snippets of code.
  • Come to Github daily for the new project
    • Github among other thing is a repository. Here is where we will store the daily code challenges. To learn more about github check out the guide here
  • You'll want join the Black Tech NOLA group on SLACK ( and go to the #NOLACODESBLACK channel daily as well. You will be able to get help on the daily challenges there.
  • Share your work daily for a chance to win tickets to Black Tech NOLA 2020 (Esssence Fest Week)

After you've created your own piece of Black History use the hashtag #nolacodesblack to be featured in our IG stories Follow @NolavateBlack on IG and like the page on Facebook. Image of TECHREADY

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