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An object mapper for Sitecore. The aim of the framework is to allow a developer to create a full domain model of their Sitecore solution. See the Wiki for all the features and check out the website.


Glass Sitecore Mapper

Glass Sitecore Mapper is an object mapper for Sitecore that allows you to map content in Sitecore to .Net objects.

To get started read the Wiki and download the latest build. You can keep up to date by following Glasslu on twitter.

Glass Sitecore Mapper is released under the Apache License Version 2, please see the License file for more information.

Join the Glass.Sitecore.Mapper Google Group to stay up to date and get support.


Glass.Sitecore.Mapper use Git Flow to manage branching. If you are not familiar or don’t want to use Git Flow please branch and make changes on the develop branch and not the master branch.


Mike Edwards

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