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Sequence labeling base on universal transformer (Transformer encoder) and CRF; 基于Universal Transformer + CRF 的中文分词和词性标注
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This is a sequence labelling model base on Universal Transformer (Encoder) + CRF which can be used for word segmentation.


Just use to install.


You can simplely use factory method get_or_create to get model.

from tf_segmenter import get_or_create, TFSegmenter

if __name__ == '__main__':
    segmenter: TFSegmenter = get_or_create("../data/default-config.json",

It accepts four params:

  • config: which indicates the configuration used by the model
  • src_dict_path: which indicates the dictionary file for texts.
  • tgt_dict_path: which indicates the dictionary file for tags.
  • weights_path: weights file model used.

And then, call decode_texts to cut setences.

texts = [


for sent, tag in segmenter.decode_texts(texts):


['巴纳德', '', '', '名字', '起源于', '一百', '多年前', '一位', '名叫', '爱德华·爱默生·巴纳德', '', '天文学家', '', '', '发现', '', '一颗', '', '', '夜空', '', '划过', '', '速度', '很快', '', '', '引起', '', '', '极大', '', '注意', '']
['nrf', 'n', 'ude1', 'n', 'v', 'm', 'd', 'mq', 'v', 'nrf', 'ude1', 'nnd', 'w', 'rr', 'v', 'vyou', 'mq', 'n', 'p', 'n', 'f', 'v', 'ude1', 'n', 'd', 'w', 'rzv', 'v', 'ule', 'rr', 'a', 'ude1', 'vn', 'w']

['印度尼西亚国家抗灾署', '此前', '发布', '消息', '证实', '', '印尼巽他海峡', '附近', '', '万丹省', '当地时间', '22号', '', '', '海啸', '袭击', '']
['nt', 't', 'v', 'n', 'v', 'w', 'ns', 'f', 'ude1', 'ns', 'nz', 'mq', 'tg', 'v', 'n', 'vn', 'w']

It can also identify PEOPLE, ORG or PLACE such as 印度尼西亚国家抗灾署万丹省 and so on.

config, weigts and dictionaries link: password: v34g

Dataset Process

baidu: password: yj9j

Convert dataset format

The data format in dataset as follow is not what we liked.

嫌疑人\n 赵国军\nr 。\w

We convert it by command:

python <src_dir> 2014_processed -c True

Where <src_dir> indicates training dataset dir, such as ./2014-people/train.

Now, the data in file 2014_processed can be seen as follow:

嫌 疑 人 赵 国 军 。 B-N I-N I-N B-NR I-NR I-NR S-W

Make dictionaries

After data format converted, we expect to make dictionaries:

python tools/ 2014_processed -s src_dict.json -t tgt_dict.json

This will generate two file:

  • src_dict.json
  • tgt_dict.json

Convert to hdf5

In order to speed up performance, you can convert pure txt 2014_processed to hdf5 file.

python tools/ 2014_processed 2014_processed.h5 -s src_dict.json -t tgt_dict.json

Training Result

The config used as follow:

    "src_vocab_size": 5649,
    "tgt_vocab_size": 301,
    "max_seq_len": 150,
    "max_depth": 2,
    "model_dim": 256,
    "embedding_size_word": 300,
    "embedding_dropout": 0.0,
    "residual_dropout": 0.1,
    "attention_dropout": 0.1,
    "output_dropout": 0.0,
    "l2_reg_penalty": 1e-6,
    "confidence_penalty_weight": 0.1,
    "compression_window_size": None,
    "num_heads": 2,
    "use_crf": True

And with:

param value
batch_size 32
steps_per_epoch 2000
validation_steps 50
warmup 6000

The training data is divided into training set and verification set according to the ratio of 8:2.

see more: examples\

After 50 epochs, the accuracy of the verification set reached 98 %, the convergence time is almost the same as BiLSTM+CRF, but the number of parameters is reduced by about 200,000.

Test set (2014-people/test) evaluation results for word segmetion:

Num of words:20744, accuracy rate:0.958639, error rate:0.046712
Num of lines:317, accuracy rate:0.406940, error rate:0.593060
Recall: 0.958639
Precision: 0.953536
F MEASURE: 0.956081
ERR RATE: 0.046712
Num of words:20744, accuracy rate:0.962784,error rate:0.039240
Num of lines:317,accuracy rate:0.454259,error rate:0.545741
Recall: 0.962784
Precision: 0.960839
F MEASURE: 0.961811
ERR RATE: 0.039240


  1. Universal Transformer
  2. Transformer
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