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🚧 (NO LONGER MAINTAINED) 🚧 - 👓 Ultimate previewer of source code in Atom.
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GLSL preprocessor output preview.
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Preview for Atom

Ultimate previewer of source code in Atom.

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Atom Package:

apm install preview

Or Settings/Preferences ➔ Packages ➔ Search for preview


Supported Languages

Package Settings

  • Refresh Debounce Period (milliseconds) - Set the debounce rate for preview refreshing. For instance, if you type or switch tabs, how long of a pause before the preview refreshes.
  • Update On Tab Change (boolean) - Should the preview update to the currently active tab?
  • glslangValidator (string) - Path to glslangValidator. Needed for GLSL preview (pre-processed). You can compile it from source or download as part of VulkanSDK.
  • Remove Extra Blank Lines (boolean) - Remove extra blank lines in GLSL preprocessed output.


Preview CoffeeScript as JavaScript


Syncing with Tab Changes


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