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Convert Natural Language into a file/directory path

Installation   NPM version Build Status

$ npm install machinepack-naturalpath


For the latest usage documentation, version information, and test status of this module, see The generated manpages for each machine contain a complete reference of all expected inputs, possible exit states, and example return values. If you need more help, or find a bug, jump into Gitter or leave a message in the project newsgroup.


var naturalpath = require('machinepack-naturalpath');
// Convert natural language to path
  string: "..."
  success: function(absPath) {
    console.log(absPath); // Print absolute path!

Input (string):

  • "Into Google Drive into School into 2015 2016 into Cryptography"
  • "Go to Google Drive go into School go into 2015 2016 and find Cryptography folder"
  • "Cryptography in 2015 2016 in School in Google Drive"
  • "Cryptography under 2015 2016 under School under Google Drive"

Output (absPath):

  • "/Users/glavin/Google Drive/School/2015-2016/CSCI 4423 - Cryptography"

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This is a machinepack, an NPM module which exposes a set of related Node.js machines according to the machinepack specification. Documentation pages for the machines contained in this module (as well as all other NPM-hosted machines for Node.js) are automatically generated and kept up-to-date on the public registry. Learn more at


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