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Query for torrents at with Node.js.
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Query for torrents at with Node.js.


Add node-kickass to your existing Node.js project.

npm install node-kickass --save


See examples for more usage details.

Built as a Fluent Interface. Also known as method chaining, as used in jQuery.

var Kickass = require('node-kickass');

var k = new Kickass()
.setQuery('Almost Human')   // Set search Query parameter 
.setPage(0)                 // Optional
.run(function(errors, data) {
  this  {context} => Current Context is set to be `k`.
  errors  {array} => An array of errors that occured.
  data    {array} => An array of items/articles that were read.
  if (! errors.length > 0) {
    // No errors occured.
    console.log(data.length, "results");
      errors,     // Array of errors, will be empty array given there are no errors.
      data,       // Array of items/articles read from this `run`.
      this.items  // Array of all items/articles read that have been associated to `k`, which is the current context `this`.
  } else {
    // One or more errors occured.
    console.log(errors, "errors");


  • constructor
var k = new Kickass()
  • setQuery
k.setQuery("Search Name")
  • setPage
  • setSort
  field: "seeders",
  sorder: "desc"
  • run, data) {
            if (! errors.length > 0) {
            } else {
  • wait (FIXME) Waits for all requests to be completed.


There are obvious legal issues, with downloading copyrighted material you do not have a license for. We do not endorse such use cases and take no responsibility for the use people make of it.

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