Crossplatform C++11 2D Game Engine for Windows and Android games
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StarEngine [2D] Game Engine

Crossplatform C++11 2D Game Engine for Windows and Android games


Stable (master): In Development

Unstable (develop): v0.1.1

Patch Notes:

  • [19/11/2013] 0.0.1
    • Initial version of the engine;
    • From now on we'll record patch notes;
    • The official repository is now also protected and people can start forking and improve the engine;
  • [20/11/2013] 0.0.2
    • The GLM classes and functions have been embedded in the engine;
      • Math functions can be found in the Helpers/Math.h file;
      • Typedefs have been made for portability reasons and should be available everywhere.
        • It is recommanded not to use any members of vector and matrices besides the data related members (e.g. x, y, z, w, ...)
    • Code reviews have been applied.
    • Camera Culling has now been implemented and can be used.
    • Components can be enabled/disabled;
    • First version of the colission system, the beginning of the physics part of the engine, has been implemented!
  • [24/11/2013] 0.0.3
    • Further implementation of OOBB - Circle collision;
    • Improved implementation of the Object and Basescene class
      • Tags, Groups and Names can now be used;
      • More easy and flexible ways to reach objects/childs;
    • (2D) Culling system debugged and improved;
    • Implementation of the UserInterface system:
      • Lots of predefined classes that are easily extendable;
      • Custom cursor defined globally or per scene, interactive with the UISystem;
    • Bugfix for Swipe Gesture + made it customizable;
    • Font colors work (again) and sprites can now be multiplied with a color;
    • StarEngine has now a Quit function that can be used to exit the application;
    • Logger::Log replaces ASSERT from now on;
  • [02/12/2013] 0.0.4
    • Culling bugfixes are solved;
    • Action System has been implemented. A new and easy way to extend your objects on runtime;
      • Several base classes provided and 2 ready-to-use actions (timed fade and move);
    • Template implementations have been moved to inline files;
    • AudioManager has gotten several new functionalties;
    • Some small bug fixes for sound on Android;
    • The Stopwatch System has been improved and has gotten new functionality;
    • Bug fixes related to the reading of files;
    • As an introduction scene the user can now use both the SlideScene and SplashScreen;
    • A lot of bugfixes related to the text, which is now more accurate and correct;
    • Logs are now logged by default with the [GAME] tag, logs from engine use the [STARENGINE] tag;
    • Bugfix related to the UISlider;
    • GameData Helper class has been added and can be used to quickly load/save game data;
  • [13/12/2013] 0.1.0
    • Spritebatching has been optimized and depth sorting works;
    • Debug Drawing functionalities work properly and are always on top;
    • Text rendering has been optimized;
    • UISystem has been improved:
      • All constructors are now consistent related to the name of an image;
      • Scaling of buttons now get taken into account for their hitregion check;
    • GarbageSystem for the SceneManager and Object has been debugged and improved;
    • Every entity can now be destroy itself correctly;
    • First comments have been added;
    • Dictionary now also has an equal_range function;
    • SafeDelete has been debugged and now works properly;
    • TiledScene has been implemented and tested succesfully;
    • Culling of UI Objects has been debugged and works properly now;
    • Hotfixes for both colliders and the audiomanager have been applied;
    • Object now has functionality to disable, freeze and set the visibility of all children;
    • UIElement now has the functionality to disable the UI functionality of all children;
    • UISlider has been improved:
      • The slider can now have an offset;
      • The alignment of the slider can be set to satisfy personal preferences;
      • The centerpoint of the slider can be adepted;
      • The range of the slider can now be changed both in the positive and negative direction;
    • First tick timer bug has been resolved;
    • Objects can now be mirrored;
    • Safety for adding of components have been implemented, you can only add 1 graphics component per object;
    • Collision callback now also has the colliding object's pointer as a parameter;
    • Debug drawing of collision components has been improved and increased in functionality;
  • [17/12/2013] 0.1.1
    • Hotfixes for the CameraComponent, PosTexShader and Cursor input;
    • TiledScene now has build-in functionallity to extend tiles;
    • UIElements can now be rotated correctly (#58);
    • Code has been improved by removing duplicate code and unused header files;
    • UIElements pressed-lock bug has been resolved (#78);
    • UIElements now all have build-in debugDrawing for debugging purposes;
    • CameraComponent now uses world values and has a custom Translate function;
    • TimedScaleAction and DelayedFramesAction have been added to the list of build-in action classes;
    • Hotfix for culling of object has been applied;
    • BaseCamera and CameraComponent have both a ScreenToWorld function;
    • 2D Cross product has been added to the Math library;
    • TextComponent, SpriteComponent and SpriteSheetComponent now have comments;
    • SpritesheetComponent has been renamed to SpriteSheetComponent;
    • UIElement::SetSelectCallback has been renamed to UIElement::SetReleaseCallback;
    • UISlider::SetSelectedCallback has been renamed to UISlider::SetReleasedCallback;
    • XMLFileParser now has the function ReadOrCreate;
    • Helper Read function now all have a safe version with a no crash guarantee;


The Star 2D Game Engine is licensed under the MIT License. Click here for the full license details.