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This is a web-based multiplayer game I made as an independent study while at Northeastern.

My task was to implement a psychology/sociology-oriented game using the platform
my advisor had built. You can read more about the game in the PDF in this repository
or view the project page on my website:

Old stuff:

Notes for this game

Basic premise:
a player is chosen at random to have a certain amount
of points (possibly real money?). They can divy this money up any way
they'd like between themselves and the n other players. Once the
amounts are decided, each player can accept or reject their offer. If
a certain percent reject it, then no one gets anything. Otherwise,
everyone gets the amount promised. That said, the catch here is that
some or all of the players can view what the other recipients were
offered and their responses in real time. Possibly any of these
players could be robots, too.

Things that could be done:

- write bots to play
- make this only a one-player game with contrived situations for the giver or receiver
- get a bunch of people from all over the world to play (to test cultural differences)
- vary graphical parameters of the game to see if it makes a difference, or give other functionality like "split evenly" button to see if they do that more
- either see or not see other players' decisions
- either see or not see other players' offers
- make offers sequential? we can ask about that
- how to abstract this for other templates
- I do need to write a report
- Make functionality for when a player drops out

Things I did for snaplab code:
- document api
- add callback for submit function
- escape rendered html