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@@ -19,6 +19,10 @@ h2. GitHub
* "User profile gist links": - Adds a link to user profile pages linking to that user's gists
* "GitHub Markdown Preview": - Adds a preview to comment fields, so that you may see how your comment looks with the markdown formatted before sending it.
* "Preview Images": - Adds a preview of images inside issues
+* "GitHub Code Search": - A user script that adds a search box to repository pages which allows you to search the code in that repository.
+* "GitHub Fork Count": - A user script to display the fork count underneath the "public" repo count on a user's main profile page.
+* "GitHub Repo Counts": - A user script to display repo counts when browsing repository pages.
+* "GitHub Repo-Filter Info": - A user script to display some additional info below the repository filter on a user's main profile page.
h2. Gist

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