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submodules: replace shell command "gh" with "git"

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Julian Gehring
Julian Gehring committed Aug 20, 2011
1 parent d66a230 commit cf349cf9e140f7b80916f9d7fc8e400caef6ba5d
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@@ -14,39 +14,39 @@ Say there’s an Awesome Framework, and you want to write an open source plugin
First create the plugin.
<pre class="terminal">
-$ gh create my-fantastic-plugin
+$ git init my-fantastic-plugin
Next clone the framework.
<pre class="terminal">
-$ gh clone defunkt/my-awesome-framework
+$ git clone defunkt/my-awesome-framework
$ cd my-awesome-framework
Now add your plugin as a submodule to the framework.
<pre class="terminal">
-$ gh submodule add git:// plugins/my-fantastic-plugin
+$ git submodule add git:// plugins/my-fantastic-plugin
Next cd into the plugin and add your private URL as a remote.
<pre class="terminal">
$ cd plugins/my-fantastic-plugin
-$ gh remote add push
+$ git remote add push
And that’s it. Make changes from within `my-awesome-framework/plugins/my-fantastic-plugin`
-and, when you’re ready, just `gh push push master`.
+and, when you’re ready, just `git push push master`.
Best of all: people cloning your `my-awesome-framework` fork will have no
problem pulling down your `my-fantastic-plugin` submodule, as you’ve registered
the public clone URL for the submodule. The commands
<pre class="terminal">
-$ gh submodule init
-$ gh submodule update
+$ git submodule init
+$ git submodule update
Will pull the submodules into the current repository.

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