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#pragma once
* Copyright (C) 2012 Team XBMC
* This Program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
* any later version.
* This Program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with XBMC; see the file COPYING. If not, see
* <>.
* CPVRTimerInfoTag is part of the PVRManager to support sheduled recordings.
* The timer information tag holds data about current programmed timers for
* the PVRManager. It is possible to create timers directly based upon
* a EPG entry by giving the EPG information tag or as instant timer
* on currently tuned channel, or give a blank tag to modify later.
* With exception of the blank one, the tag can easily and unmodified added
* by the PVRManager function "bool AddTimer(const CFileItem &item)" to
* the backend server.
* The filename inside the tag is for reference only and gives the index
* number of the tag reported by the PVR backend and can not be played!
#include "XBDateTime.h"
#include "../addons/include/xbmc_pvr_types.h"
#include <boost/shared_ptr.hpp>
class CFileItem;
namespace EPG
class CEpgInfoTag;
typedef boost::shared_ptr<EPG::CEpgInfoTag> CEpgInfoTagPtr;
namespace PVR
class CGUIDialogPVRTimerSettings;
class CPVRTimers;
class CPVRChannelGroupInternal;
class CPVRChannel;
typedef boost::shared_ptr<PVR::CPVRChannel> CPVRChannelPtr;
class CPVRTimerInfoTag;
typedef boost::shared_ptr<PVR::CPVRTimerInfoTag> CPVRTimerInfoTagPtr;
class CPVRTimerInfoTag
friend class CPVRTimers;
friend class CGUIDialogPVRTimerSettings;
CPVRTimerInfoTag(const PVR_TIMER &timer, CPVRChannelPtr channel, unsigned int iClientId);
virtual ~CPVRTimerInfoTag(void);
bool operator ==(const CPVRTimerInfoTag& right) const;
bool operator !=(const CPVRTimerInfoTag& right) const;
CPVRTimerInfoTag &operator=(const CPVRTimerInfoTag &orig);
int Compare(const CPVRTimerInfoTag &timer) const;
void UpdateSummary(void);
void DisplayError(PVR_ERROR err) const;
CStdString GetStatus() const;
bool SetDuration(int iDuration);
static CPVRTimerInfoTag *CreateFromEpg(const EPG::CEpgInfoTag &tag);
EPG::CEpgInfoTagPtr GetEpgInfoTag(void) const;
int ChannelNumber(void) const;
CStdString ChannelName(void) const;
CStdString ChannelIcon(void) const;
CPVRChannelPtr ChannelTag(void) const;
bool UpdateEntry(const CPVRTimerInfoTag &tag);
void UpdateEpgEvent(bool bClear = false);
bool IsActive(void) const
|| m_state == PVR_TIMER_STATE_ERROR;
bool IsRecording(void) const { return m_state == PVR_TIMER_STATE_RECORDING; }
CDateTime StartAsUTC(void) const;
CDateTime StartAsLocalTime(void) const;
void SetStartFromUTC(CDateTime &start) { m_StartTime = start; }
void SetStartFromLocalTime(CDateTime &start) { m_StartTime = start.GetAsUTCDateTime(); }
CDateTime EndAsUTC(void) const;
CDateTime EndAsLocalTime(void) const;
void SetEndFromUTC(CDateTime &end) { m_StopTime = end; }
void SetEndFromLocalTime(CDateTime &end) { m_StopTime = end.GetAsUTCDateTime(); }
CDateTime FirstDayAsUTC(void) const;
CDateTime FirstDayAsLocalTime(void) const;
void SetFirstDayFromUTC(CDateTime &firstDay) { m_FirstDay = firstDay; }
void SetFirstDayFromLocalTime(CDateTime &firstDay) { m_FirstDay = firstDay.GetAsUTCDateTime(); }
unsigned int MarginStart(void) const { return m_iMarginStart; }
void SetMarginStart(unsigned int iMinutes) { m_iMarginStart = iMinutes; }
unsigned int MarginEnd(void) const { return m_iMarginEnd; }
void SetMarginEnd(unsigned int iMinutes) { m_iMarginEnd = iMinutes; }
bool SupportsFolders() const;
* @brief Show a notification for this timer in the UI
void QueueNotification(void) const;
* @brief Get the text for the notification.
* @param strText The notification.
void GetNotificationText(CStdString &strText) const;
CStdString Title(void) const;
CStdString Summary(void) const;
CStdString Path(void) const;
/* Client control functions */
bool AddToClient() const;
bool DeleteFromClient(bool bForce = false) const;
bool RenameOnClient(const CStdString &strNewName);
bool UpdateOnClient();
void SetEpgInfoTag(EPG::CEpgInfoTagPtr tag);
void ClearEpgTag(void);
void UpdateChannel(void);
CStdString m_strTitle; /*!< @brief name of this timer */
CStdString m_strDirectory; /*!< @brief directory where the recording must be stored */
CStdString m_strSummary; /*!< @brief summary string with the time to show inside a GUI list */
PVR_TIMER_STATE m_state; /*!< @brief the state of this timer */
int m_iClientId; /*!< @brief ID of the backend */
int m_iClientIndex; /*!< @brief index number of the tag, given by the backend, -1 for new */
int m_iClientChannelUid; /*!< @brief channel uid */
int m_iPriority; /*!< @brief priority of the timer */
int m_iLifetime; /*!< @brief lifetime of the timer in days */
bool m_bIsRepeating; /*!< @brief repeating timer if true, use the m_FirstDay and repeat flags */
int m_iWeekdays; /*!< @brief bit based store of weekdays to repeat */
CStdString m_strFileNameAndPath; /*!< @brief filename is only for reference */
int m_iChannelNumber; /*!< @brief integer value of the channel number */
bool m_bIsRadio; /*!< @brief is radio channel if set */
CPVRChannelPtr m_channel;
unsigned int m_iMarginStart; /*!< @brief (optional) if set, the backend starts the recording iMarginStart minutes before startTime. */
unsigned int m_iMarginEnd; /*!< @brief (optional) if set, the backend ends the recording iMarginEnd minutes after endTime. */
std::vector<std::string> m_genre; /*!< @brief genre of the timer */
int m_iGenreType; /*!< @brief genre type of the timer */
int m_iGenreSubType; /*!< @brief genre subtype of the timer */
CCriticalSection m_critSection;
EPG::CEpgInfoTagPtr m_epgTag;
CDateTime m_StartTime; /*!< start time */
CDateTime m_StopTime; /*!< stop time */
CDateTime m_FirstDay; /*!< if it is a repeating timer the first date it starts */
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