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Get a model to print

Slicers are a way to turn a 3D model into 2D "slices". You still have to start with a 3D model. In this short chapter, we will list some of the popular locations for getting models. We've copied some content directly from Lulzbot's page on model repositories.

Go ahead and grab a model that interests you from any of the repositories.


  • URL:
  • Pros: The OG site for models
  • Cons: Originally owned by Makerbot and now Stratsys. Has a difficult relationship with the community


  • URL:
  • Pros: Has a large amount of 3D models, and a community originally established around the European community of 3D printer users.
  • Cons: None for now.



  • URL:
  • Pros: More of a 3D model search engine/index that gathers models from many of the online 3D model communities.
  • Cons: A bit hard to find things and navigate around.
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