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Set up your software

In this chapter, you will learn how to install an open source slicer and set it up. This guide is specific to Glia's equipment, but should be applicable in other situations too.

Get the software

For this guide, we will use the Prusa Edition of Slic3r, though the regular Slic3r also works well and should be usable.

Start by downloading the software from the site below (scroll down to find the newest version of the software):


  • Download the AppImage file.
  • Make the file executable like so: chmod +x <filename>.AppImage
  • If you are using Ubuntu, right click on the AppImage file, select properties and enable execution.
  • Start the program by double-clicking on it or executing from commandline.


  • Get the dmg file
  • Install the files inside it
  • If you get a message saying it is from an "unidentified developer", go to: settings > security > privacy > general and click "allow"


  • Get the win64 zip (unless you know you need win32).
  • Launch the executable inside

Start and configure Slic3rPE

Once the software is installed, go ahead and start up Slic3rPE. In the configuration wizard, pick the profiles for the MK3, the MK2.5, and the SL1. The Glia Project uses Prusa MK3s, an MK2.5, several MK3 clones that we built in-house and a Wanhao Duplicator 7 that resembles the SL1.

  • Select nozzle size 0.4mm for both MK3 and MK2.5
  • Under "custom printer profile" click next (do not check box)
  • Under "configuration assistant" check off both boxes (check for application updates, update built in presets automatically)
  • Click finish

Enable background processing

Background processing will make your life easier and allow Slic3r to slice in the background as you make changes, speeding up the final export.

  • Go to Configuration -> Preferences
  • Select "Background processing"

Download our Glia-specific profiles - coming soon

This step is not operational yet and is coming soon. For now, simply use the default profiles.

Ready for takeoff!

You are now ready to find a model and slice your first print!

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