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Making bread


  • Breadmaker
  • Kitchen scale
  • Micro scale
  • Cup
  • Food ingredients


  • 330mL Water
  • 544g Bread flour
  • 14g Butter
  • 8.4g Salt
  • 5.6g Active Dry Yeast

Setup the breadmaker

These instructions assume our Zojirushi BB-PAC20 breadmaker.

Default instructions

  • Select "Homemade 3"
  • Select "Timer"
  • Use the arrows to the left of the "Timer" menu to set the expected completion time.

Cycle time settings

If you have to enter the settings from scratch, use the following:

  • Rest: 0:22
  • Knead: 0:18
  • Shape: Off
  • Rise 1: 0:35
  • Rise 2: 0:50
  • Rise 3: Off
  • Bake: 1:10
  • Keep Warm: (1:00)
  • Total Time: 3:15

Remove the bread

Turn the baking pan over and shake out the loaf. If the bread is difficult to remove, turn the baking pan on its side and wiggle or rotate the wing nuts at the bottom of the baking pan a few times.

Cool the bread

Put the bread on a cooling rack in the oven for 15-30 minutes until cool.


Simply soak the pan in water for 10-15 minutes, and then use your hand to rub off any debris in the pan and on the paddles. Leave to dry for the next use.

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