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Ink port from C# to Haxe : So you can run Ink engine directly for all other target platforms (Javascript, Flash, Neko, PHP, C++, Java, etc.), besides C#.
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Port from C# to Haxe for the ink runtime: So you can use inkle's ink engine directly for all other target platforms (Javascript, Flash, Neko, C++, Java, etc.), besides just C#.

Basically, it should run similar to the original runtime as found in

However, here are the differences:

  • Package name is ink.runtime, not Ink.Runtime. So, you call something like new ink.runtime.Story(...).
  • BindExternalFunction has no method overloading because Haxe doesn't support it, so you must explicitly use the required function for the stipulated number of parameters, such as BindExternalFunction0(...),BindExternalFunction1(...),BindExternalFunction2(...),BindExternalFunction3(...) or use BindExternalFunctionGeneral() for more than 3 parameters.

Target demo platforms that have been tested and proven to work:

  • Javascript

For any issues, check the Issues tab in the github repository.

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