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mhinze commented Jul 28, 2011

also publicized some internal types so I could use our corrected plugin (would be nice to have public anyway). Not sure why this condition exists, but it's causing our Views plugin to fail.


Thanks for the contrib!!! We are close to another release and should be able to get this in.

nikmd23 commented Aug 15, 2011

Thanks for the pull request Matthew.

This looks good - but I would like to understand the situations you find yourself having a null ViewContext in a little bit more.

It seems to me that the null ViewContext would point to a problem deeper in the Glimpse stack - but I could be wrong. Can you fill me in a bit more?


mhinze commented Aug 15, 2011

Not right now - but I can try to do some more research next time I'm working on Glimpse integration. we've been having some other problems with Glimpse in progressive environments (ie, not dev or test) that I can't pin down. Leading to empty HTTP responses and other strange stuff. admittedly we have possibly the largest and most unique MVC deploy, so some friction is expected. I'll continue investigating.

nikmd23 commented Jan 17, 2013

Thanks for your effort @mhinze.

We've rearchitected the way that the View tab works in RC1, so this pull request is no longer relevant.

Please do let us know if you come across anything in the new release that could be better.

@nikmd23 nikmd23 closed this Jan 17, 2013
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