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ajma commented Jul 31, 2011

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avanderhoorn commented Aug 1, 2011

Thanks for the pull request... This is something that we have been thinking about for a while now and haven't quite gotten round to.

What is your thoughts about whether this should be turned on by default? Just wondering about what type of object/data people would cache.

ajma commented Aug 1, 2011

I wrote this because I am planning to need something like this. I was originally thinking of having it on by default but there's starting to be a big list of default ones. We could always leave it off by default for now and if there's enough usage, we can update it to be default.


avanderhoorn commented Aug 1, 2011

Cool, what we might do is "blacklist" the plugin by default. What this means is on the Glimpse.axd page it will show up as being there and users can just unblacklist it if they want. I'll talk to Nik when he gets back about how we can do this simply for users. Thanks again

ajma commented Aug 2, 2011

You might want to call them "disabled " instead of "blacklisted". Blacklisted makes me think it's unsafe to run.


avanderhoorn commented Aug 2, 2011

Makes sense...

ajma commented Oct 15, 2011

Any plans to pull this in yet?


avanderhoorn commented Oct 15, 2011

@ajma Sorry for the delay. Main reason is we are wanting to get out the next release as well as doing a pretty big refactor and tidy up. If you have a look at the other fork Nik is currently working on you can see some of his work there.

The problem we are wanting to sort out at the moment is whether this should be a plugin on its own or a part of a bigger plugin. For instance there has been interest in having a Http Modules / Handlers plugin (a plugin that shows what is registered here) and several others. With these and others the number of tabs in the UI starts ramping up.

So we are faced with shipping with a whole heap of plugins, several which are turned off by default (and letting the user decide which ones they want to include), changing the ui to deal with much larger number of plugin or something else.

Do you have any ideas on this front? Any ideas for other plugins?

I'd like that one to be pulled, too.


avanderhoorn commented Apr 1, 2012

We are in the process of putting together all the plugins that will be a
part of v1... so if there is enough interest (which it sounds like there
is) we can pull this in and make it part of core.

Thanks guys

On Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 10:33 AM, Lars Corneliussen <


I'd like that one to be pulled, too.

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nikmd23 commented Jan 17, 2013

@ajma & @lcorneliussen,

We are finally at a place where we can think about pulling this in! I'm so sorry for the long delay.

If someone can make the interface updates (minimal changes) required to get this working with RC1, we'll try to get it in for 1.0.

Here's an example of what a new tab implementation would look like. Note, you'd really only need to implement AspNetTab and IDocumentation to reach feature parity with your original implementation.


avanderhoorn commented Dec 19, 2013

As we now have now have #675, I'm going to close this off. Since the original work was based off this PR, credit for the base work will go to @ajma in the release notes.

@ghost ghost assigned avanderhoorn Dec 19, 2013

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