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Releases: Glimpse/Glimpse

Version 1.9.2 for Asp.Net

29 Oct 20:01
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  • Glimpse.EF* - Featherweight release 1.6.5
    • Fix bug lead to cast exceptions on GlimpseDbConnection by loosen GetDbProviderManifestToken behaviour
  • Glimpse.Asp.Net - Featherweight release 1.9.2
    • Added support for AspNetSynchronizationContext.
    • Added support for Build Mode detection of assemblies in Environment tab.

Version 1.7.3 for ADO

09 Jul 19:28
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  • Glimpse.Ado - Featherweight release 1.7.3
    • Conduct an additional null check around the StateChange event (fixes bug in EF 6.1.1)
  • Glimpse.EF* - Featherweight release 1.6.4
    • Update to work around bug in EF 6.1.1

Version 1.8.6

25 Jun 20:27
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  • Glimpse.Core - Featherweight release 1.8.6
    • Add button which makes it easy to launch glimpse for service only sites
    • Improve how client renders for those using Zurb Foundation
  • Glimpse.AspNet - Featherweight release 1.9.1
    • Fix issue for ajax requests that are using "Bufferless input streams"
    • Show non-MvcRoute route types in route tab
  • Glimpse.WebForms - Featherweight release 1.1.1
    • Fix issue to make Glimpse checks if it is enabled in DataBoundControlAdapter
  • Glimpse.Ado - Featherweight release 1.7.2
    • Ensure ADO inspector does quotes AnsiString parameters in query output
    • Ensure that all parameters in CreateDbCommandDefinition are forwarded through
    • Prevent command sanitizer from replacing partial matches of parameters

Version 1.8.5

23 Apr 18:27
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  • Glimpse.Core - Featherweight release 1.8.5
    • Fix where Clients that have a name with quotes in it blows up
  • Glimpse.AspNet - Bantamweight release 1.9.0
    • Added support for attribute routes
  • Glimpse.Ado - Welterweight release 1.7.1
    • Significant performance improvement when calling stored procedure with binary data param
  • Glimpse.Ef* - Welterweight release 1.6.2
    • Fixed possible NullReferenceException in Glimpse that was surfaced with EF 6.0.2
    • Introduced workaround for bug that was introduced in EF 6.1.0 - 6.2.0-beta

Version 1.8.4

11 Mar 11:59
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Release Notes

  • Glimpse.Core - Featherweight release 1.8.4
    • Fix up edge case where UI would not be resizable
    • Extending the ContentTypeElement to include optional RuntimePolicy
  • Glimpse.ASP.NET - Bantamweight release 1.8.1
    • Update to RouteInspector to ignore non AspNet routes doesn't work for WebHosted WebAPIs
  • Glimpse.ASP.EF* - Bantamweight release 1.6.1
    • Fixed bug when using DbGeography type in some edge cases

Version 1.8.3

13 Feb 13:25
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Release Notes

  • Glimpse.Core - Featherweight release 1.8.2
    • Fixed rendering error when data is empty array
    • Removed Insights from release

Version 1.8.2

04 Feb 19:39
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Release Notes

  • Glimpse.Core - Featherweight release 1.8.2
    • Update to disabled Glimpse when request init is bypassed
    • Update client to only modify local ajax requests
    • Add initial support for Glimpse.WindowsAzure and Glimpse.WindowsAzure.Storage
    • Update to show friendly message if current async implementation is not supported
    • Added initial Insights support to client
    • Update client to delayed tab rendering till glimpse open
    • Update client to added more blacklist items for target chars that should be ignored by case processor
  • Glimpse.ASP.NET - Welterweight release 1.8.0
    • Update Route Inspector to ignore non AspNet based routes (this fixes problems with Glimpse and WebAPI)
    • Added updated Server Tab which shows common server variables
    • Clean up web.config transform to remove volume of commented out config in the glimpse section
    • Update Request Tab serialization to handle request validation failures
  • Glimpse.MVC* - Flyweight release 1.5.3
    • Added updated support for IUnvalidated and IEnumerable ValueProviders
    • Fixed problem where Response.RedirectToRoute() in Global.asax could throw a NullReferenceException
  • Glimpse.WebForms - Lightweight release 1.1.0
    • Added visualization for DataBinding in the ControlTree Tab
    • Improve basic ViewState processing for SqlDataSource, LinqDataSource and ObjectDataSource

1.8.1: Version 1.8.1

20 Dec 16:27
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  • Glimpse.Core - Welterweight release 1.8.1
    • Added missing style which forces Glimpse tables to be full width
    • Added missing new pubsub events around HUD init process
    • Fixed issue where URLs in the AJAX HUD ticker weren't being encoding
    • Fixed cross site origin requests fail because of header modification in Ajax tab
    • Fix which updates HUD to not wrap badly on small screens
    • Fixed possible in-memory persistence store thread issue
    • Update which allows titles to be specified for objects via metadata
    • Update structured layouts so titles can have the new casing logic applied
    • Update Glimpse.axd to CSP compliant
    • Allow users to disable use of Logical Call Context
  • Glimpse.ASP.NET - Welterweight release 1.7.0
    • Added a new Caching Tab which will provide insights into the use of 'HttpRuntime.Cache'
    • Fix where connection strings are not always properly parsed
    • Removed the Cookie Path and Secure data points from the request tab as the values are incorrect
    • Update resource result to not generate null reference exception when dealing with QueryString
  • Glimpse.MVC* - Featherweight release 1.5.2
    • Fixed complex models processing to work correctly in the model binding tab

1.8.0: Version 1.8.0

12 Nov 20:52
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  • Glimpse.Core - Welterweight release 1.8.0
    • Support for capturing data on Async operations
    • Added Status Code to ajax and history tabs
    • Client now sensibly interpret friendly titles out of object keys
    • Client updated to render array lists as array of objects rather than array of arrays
    • Fixed bug where timeline couldn't cope with long strings as the event title
  • Glimpse.ASP.NET - Welterweight release 1.6.0
    • Total rewrite of the Request tab to include additional request info
    • Removed Server tab as it's now obsolete given the Request tab update
  • Glimpse.MVC* - Featherweight release 1.5.1
    • Fix version number inconsistency between MVC packages
    • Fix version information in MVC5
  • Glimpse.WebForms - Featherweight release 1.0.2
    • Greater support for many more control ViewState's
    • Fixed circular reference bug that could be caused by some controls ViewState
    • Fixed bug which could cause trace output to be rendered in the page
  • Glimpse.ADO - Welterweight release 1.7.0
    • Support for Async queries
    • Added async indicator column to the SQL tab
    • Minor adjustment to the width of the transaction title column in SQL tab
  • Glimpse.EF* - Welterweight release 1.6.0
    • Support for Async queries
    • Added async indicator column to the SQL tab

1.7.0: Version 1.7.0

28 Oct 17:40
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Release Notes

  • Glimpse.Core – Welterweight release 1.7.0
    • Improvement which allows Glimpse.axd be protected by custom security policies
    • Fix History tab causing issues up when invalid characters present in Session Name
    • Ensure client shell is forced onto new rendering layer within browser
    • Update Visual Studio solution to VS2013
    • Improvement to client which adds support for paddings when rendering structured layouts
    • Improvement to client to make array rendering more resilient
    • Improvement to client which ensures table headers have the correct default style applied
    • Improvement to client which brings better error management in master rendering engine
    • Switch assemblies to be marked as CLS-compliant
    • Switch Glimpse.axd over to use templates for generating the configuration resource
    • Ensure that Glimpse ignores BrowserLinks preflight requests
    • Make sure HUD only displays Ajax requests that have a Glimpse Payload
  • Glimpse.AspNet – Welterweight release 1.5.0
    • Fix bug which casued the written of log data during AppDomain unloading not to appear
    • Fix bug which meant that in some cases the end body tag couldn’t be located
    • Switch assemblies to be marked as CLS-compliant
  • Glimpse.MVC* – Middleweight release 1.5.0
    • Implemented support for MVC5
    • Switch assemblies to be marked as CLS-compliant
  • Glimpse.WebForms – Heavyweight release 1.0.0
    • Advent of the Control Tree and Page Life Cycle tabs
    • WebForms data now shows up in HUD (including ViewState size), in Timeline Tab and Trace Tab
  • Glimpse.Ado – Flyweight release 1.6.0
    • Improved SQL Tab layout so that the overall stats are displayed at the tab
    • Switch assemblies to be marked as CLS-compliant
  • Glimpse.Ef* – Bantamweight release 1.5.0
    • Switch assemblies to be marked as CLS-compliant