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GGPromote makes it very easy to retrieve accurate information on yours, or your friends, apps and games in order to display them in your own as a way of cross promotion. GGPromote does not do any of the display as I decided to leave that up to you but it would be very easy.

Sample apps and data can be seen here:

Basic Usage

Require the code
local GGPromote = require( "GGPromote" )
Create your promotion object
local promote = GGPromote:new( "", "appData.json" )
Refresh the locally stored data from the web
local onComplete = function( isError ) 
    if not isError then
        print( "Apps loaded" )

promote:refresh( onComplete )
Get a specific app
local app = promote:getApp( 23 )    
print( )
Get all apps
local apps = promote:getApps()
for i = 1, #apps, 1 do
    print( apps[ i ].name )
Load an apps icon
local onIconDownload = function( image, filename )
    image.x = display.contentCenterX
    image.y = display.contentCenterY

promote:loadAppIcon( 1, "114", onIconDownload )
Get some urls from the app
local itunes = promote:getAppUrl( 1, "appStore" )
local google = promote:getAppUrl( 1, "googlePlay" )
local website = promote:getAppUrl( 1, "website" )
Destroy the promotion object
promote = nil

Update History


Initial release

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