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GGSound allows for easy management of sound effects and global volume in your Corona SDK powered apps.

Basic Usage

Require the code
local GGSound = require( "GGSound" )
Create your sound library
local sound = GGSound:new{ 1, 2, 3 } -- Create the library passing in some channel numbers, these should be reserved by you.
Add some sounds
sound:add( "sound1.wav", "sound1" )
sound:add( audio.loadStream( "sound2.wav" ), "sound2" ) -- A preloaded sound.
Set the volume
sound:setVolume( 0.8 )
Play a sound
sound:play( "sound2" )
Disable all playback. Useful for debugging
sound.enabled = false
Remove a sound
sound:remove( "sound2" )
Remove all sounds
Destroy the library
sound = nil

Update History


Initial release

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