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IoC friendly C# .netstandard2.0 library for asymmetric cryptographic operations.
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Asymmetric Cryptography (RSA)

Encrypting, decrypting, signing and verifying data made easy.

Namespace: GlitchedPolygons.Services.Cryptography.Asymmetric

This is a simple, easy-to-use crypto library for C# (netstandard2.0).

It makes use of the portable BouncyCastle NuGet package to provide a reliable cross-platform cryptography interface.

You can encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify string and byte[] arrays with ease. The interfaces and their implementations are also IoC friendly, so you can inject them into your favorite DI containers (e.g. in ASP.NET Core MVC apps you'd use services.AddTransient inside Startup.cs).

The IAsymmetricCryptographyRSA interface provides functionality for all basic asymmetric RSA crypto operations you need for your C# project. RSA keys can be generated in variable key sizes and exported into comfortable PEM strings using IAsymmetricKeygenRSA. For more information, check out the API Documentation.

Technology used:

API docs can be found here:

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