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Fixed ConvoService::CreateConvo not returning in case of a failure.

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GlitchedPolygons committed Aug 7, 2019
1 parent 8aacd44 commit fe77820cb5719df4a8f5bfe3b63a9b13b1b469e5
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  1. +3 −2 src/Services/Web/Convos/ConvoService.cs
@@ -30,8 +30,9 @@ public class ConvoService : EpistleWebApiService, IConvoService
/// <returns><c>null</c> if creation failed; the created <see cref="Convo"/>'s unique id.</returns>
public async Task<string> CreateConvo(EpistleRequestBody requestBody)
IRestResponse response = await restClient.ExecuteTaskAsync(EpistleRequest(requestBody, "convos/create"));
return response.Content;
var request = EpistleRequest(requestBody, "convos/create");
IRestResponse response = await restClient.ExecuteTaskAsync(request);
return response.IsSuccessful ? response.Content : null;

/// <summary>

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commented on fe77820 Aug 7, 2019

What ;D
The original commit message was:

"Fixed ConvoService::CreateConvo not returning null in case of a failure."

So GitHub recognizes "null" enclosed by ` as actually null. Interesting.

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