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A super comfortable template repo for creating C# netstandard2.0 class libraries, with unit tests project, basic Travis and Circle CI config files and docfx project already set up.
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Describe the netstandard2.0 class library here.

Explain how to install it, what dependencies it has, how to quickly get started (maybe link to some more detailed Getting Started guide somewhere else), where to find extensive API docs, how to build from source, stuff like that, etc...

Remember to rename the solution file, the project(s) and the namespaces. Then customize the .csproj file to make it match your choices (root namespace and assembly name fields).

Finally, consider making your library open source and to do the dev community a favor by submitting your package to NuGet.

  • Please note: for NuGet packages you need to include the license in your .csproj in some way. You can for example add the following snippet down below to your class library's .csproj file to have the BSD 3-Clause License applied to your NuGet package: it uses an SPDX License Identifier to recognize and link the license. It's best if that license matches the one that you have in your repository root directory...

Also, don't forget to git lfs track binary files that are project-relevant.

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