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GloDroid v0.7.6



  1. Disabled dmesg serial console output after successful system boot (to improve the performance).
  2. From now on, all sunxi-based releases except opi3 are shipped with AOSP patched for slow-gpu systems (patch series)
  3. Enabled PIN and Pattern lock for all targets

SUNXI (PinePhone, OPI3)

  • Reworked DE2 & DE3 scaling handling and more, which allows to use display controller for scaled layers and reduce load on GPU.
  • More UI performance improvements
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GloDroid v0.7.5

  • Generic Power HAL added. Currently it just boosts all available devfreq/cpufreq on any user interaction. It should make UI more smoother and allow DVFS to be enabled on devices that were previously causing UI lags.

  • Initial AVB (Verified Boot) support. Some steps towards DSU (dynamic system updates) support.

  • Fixed missing sensors HAL on PP and PPP.

  • Fixed UI lags / tearing effects on some systems after migrating to non-blocking atomic commit. (Non-blocking commit support upstreamed).

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  • PinePhone Pro initial support
    Acknowledgements to @daaaanil81 for initial RK3399 SOC support, @phhusson and @PeterCxy for initial PPP bring-up.

  • AOSP updated to master branch as of 20 Apr 2022.

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WARNING: This release wasn't tested. Please use v0.7.4 instead.


  1. Use RRO (Runtime Resource Overlays) instead of legacy overlays
  2. Initial asynchronous DRM atomic commit support (should improve performance on devices with multiple displays)
  3. Replace keymaster HIDL v4.1 with keymint AIDL v1.0
  4. Set animator-duration-scale to 0 for low-end devices. (Disables laggy over-scroll effect and other UI animation)


  1. Kernel & firmware was upgraded to v5.15.33
  2. Ship RPI400 and CM4 dtbs. (RPI400 still have some issues due to missing jack audio)
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  • Workaround for PinePhone's Bluetooth firmware download issue during wakeup (which stuck wakeup for a 10 seconds)
  • Enable ZRAM-based 256MiB SWAP for all devices (required to pass VTS)
  • Upgrade mesa3d to latest master
  • Store kernel modules on separate vendor_dlkm partition (required to pass VTS and in the future will make OTA update consume less network traffic)
  • More VTS fixes
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WARNING: During difficult situation in Ukraine we have to temporary reduce the number of supported hardware down to OPI3, RPI4, PinePhone (we temporary do not have physical access to our remaining equipment). Support for other devices will be restored ASAP.


  • Based on AOSP master branch as of 21 MAR 2022 (Android 12L+)
  • Kernel upgraded to v5.15.21 (Google security patches ASB-2022-02-05_13-5.15) for all boards (v5.15.26 for rpi4)
  • All GloDroid-shipped APKs can now be uninstalled.
  • Mesa3d upgraded to the latest main (As of 10 Feb 2022)
  • Boards can be now booted and work without display connected (headless mode)
  • We started to accept donations


  • Calls audio initial support ( Thanks to Matvii Zorin @matviizorin )

FOSS contribution:

  • drm_hwcomposer was reworked significantly (>60 commits for a last couple of month), which brings initial headless mode support, multiple displays support and a set of fixes.

  • V3DV Vulkan Android support upstreamed into mesa3d (commit)

  • V3DV various issues fixed & upstreamed (commit, commit, commit)

  • More mesa3d issues reported (already fixed by the community) (commit)



  • Entry point of GSM module integration


  • 2 mods supported (ADB and charging)

The aim of the workshop:

  • Finalize the call functionality for the Pinephone
  • Implement USB Gadget Modes: MTP, PTP, RNDIS, MIDI

Build instructions
Embedded Fest 2021

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  • Switched to Android-12 revision 15
  • Added OrangePI PC PLUS (Thanks to @volodymyr-ostrovskyi)
  • A number of CTS & VTS tests fixed
  • Switched to kernel v5.10.78 + RPI patches (Raspberry-PI 4)
  • Switched to kernel v5.15.3 + Megous patches (Orange-PI3, PinePhone, PineTab)
  • Switched to kernel v5.15.4 (Other devices)
  • Switched to U-Boot 2021.10
  • Minor platform fixes

Raspberry PI 4

  • CSI Camera support using libcamera project.
  • Bluetooth support


  • Initial RIL support:
    RIL library from AOSP Cuttlefish emulator used. It fits all VNDK requirements of Android-12.
    Almost nothing is working yet. You can make a call without a sound if you're lucky (works only with some mobile operators)

  • Vibrator HAL switched to Kernel FF (force feedback) API same as on Linux distros. (Thanks to @volodymyr-ostrovskyi)


  • Device is more usable than before. OTG/ADB is working
  • Suspend mode was disabled due to some firmware issue.

Internal changes

  • Switched from gbm_gralloc to minigbm (Using custom gbm backend).
  • Upgraded mesa3d to latest master
  • Some of selinux warnings fixed.
  • Switched to fast software FBE for sunxi devices.
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GloDroid v0.6.1



  • Sync kernel configs with configs from @megous integration branch.
  • Sleep mode functionality restored. Deep sleep enabled.


  • Mainline components upgraded:
  • Kernel for broadcom (RPI4): v5.10.16 (with patches from Raspberry community)
  • Kernel for PinePhone,PineTab,OrangePI3: v5.12.4 (with patches from Megous)
  • Kernel for other sunxi devices: v5.10.35
  • Latest mesa3d master with most recent fixes (21.1.0-devel)

External applications

  • Mozilla firefox (fenix) browser added
  • Shade launcher added ( Utilizes GPU more efficiently, improving UI performance)

Internal updates

  • Mesa3d uses new, which I hope will be mainline soon
  • FBE (file-based encryption) enabled
  • Few VTS tests fixed
  • Found / bisected / reported a number of issues in u-boot and kernel

Known issues:

  • adb remount doesn't work with kernel v5.12