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Global App Testing

We build the testing platform used by our customers (Facebook, WhatsApp, Microsoft) and 20,000 professional testers around the world.

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  1. wipe_out wipe_out Public

    Library for removing and clearing data in Rails ActiveRecord models.

    Ruby 36

  2. gat-actions-request-test gat-actions-request-test Public archive

    12 1

  3. blog-designing-interface-for-hrl-envs blog-designing-interface-for-hrl-envs Public

    An interface for hierarchical environments.

    Python 3

  4. qatest qatest Public

    1 1

  5. gat-cli gat-cli Public

    CLI for Global App Testing API

    Python 1

  6. gat-actions-examples gat-actions-examples Public



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