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A public repo for code and analyses associated with the paper Tracking the Global Footprint of Fisheries
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Supplemental_Materials/S6 Area of the Ocean that is Fished

Tracking the Global Footprint of Fisheries

This repo contains code, analyses, and links to data for Kroodsma, D.A., J. Mayorga, T. Hochberg, N.A. Miller, K. Boerder, F. Ferretti, A. Wilson, 7 B. Bergman, T.D. White, B.A. Block, P. Woods,B. Sullivan, C. Costello, B. Worm. "Tracking the Global Footprint of Fisheries." Science Vol 361 Issue 6378.

To get the fishing effort and vessel data associated with this paper, visit Global Fishing Watch's community page.

To see blog postings about the paper and the related dataset, visit Global Fishing Watch's Research and Development site.

This site currently contains only a subset of the analyses from the paper. We will be adding to this repo over the next months. To get updates, join the Global Fishing Watch Research Accelerator Program.

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