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3.4.2 -- update treetop to 1.6
3.4.1 -- support for authors starting with "d'"
3.4.0 -- added ScientificNameParser.add_rank_to_canonical(parsed) method.
This method allows to add infraspecific rank to a canonical form
after the fact of parsing.
3.3.0 -- parserver gets new option -- -H for host, default
3.2.1 -- fix parserver -- it does remove new lines now (before it was not
necessary as they were stripped in older versions by parser)
necessary as they were stripped in older versions by parser)
3.2.0 -- added UUID version 5 identifiers for every name string, better
normalizing for the names with apostrophes, underscore-formatted names are
supported. Verbatim field does mean nonchanged input now (before it was
stripping empty spaces and new lines around name string). Minor version
increase because of change in the output format ("id" field)
3.1.10 -- NPV viruses added
3.1.9 -- more virus keywords, better handling of apostrophes in
species epithets
3.1.8 -- downgrading dependency on treetop to 1.4.1
3.1.7 -- fixed travis and dependencies
3.1.6 -- added forma. to ranks, tests for species epithets with apostrophe
3.1.5 -- updated depenencies
3.1.4 -- added files generated by tt to repository
3.1.3 -- removed dependency on jeweler
3.1.2 -- fixed problems with infraspecies epithets starting with fo,
for example Peristernia nassatula forskali Tapparone-Canefri 1875
3.1.1 -- fixed problem with names ending on sp
3.1.0 -- added surrogates: Genbank, Barcode of life names.
Also cf., sp. spp are flagged as surrogates
3.0.1 -- updated gems
3.0.0 -- removing support for ruby 1.8.7, making biodiversity gem be the same
as biodiversity19, deprecating biodiversity19. A few newly discovered bugs
are fixed.
2.1.0 -- added ScientificNameParser.version method
2.0.0 -- backward incompatibe change in parserver, therefore new major number.
In parserver removed option --output=canonical_with_rank, instead added -r
option which allows to have canonical with rank with either json or canonical
1.2.0 -- changed method invocation signature
Now it can take options
1.1.3 -- added 'fo' as rank
1.1.2 -- static method for fixins all-caps canonical names, fixing caps
for authors words, ampersand instead of 'et' in normalization
1.1.1 -- more multi-uninomials cases, expanded viruses detection, added
abbreviated genera and a few small fixes
1.1.0 -- added multi-uninomials, fixes in identification annotations (aff.,
cf., sp. etc), bug fixes, more robust salvage mode
1.0.17 -- fixed a bug which prevented all diacritics be converted correctly
1.0.16 -- dirty mode now converts ë to e
1.0.15 -- additional rules added for names ending with ssp. sp sp. and cf.
1.0.14 -- canonical forms had allowed ë as a character until now. After this
version the only utf-8 character allowed in canonical forms should be the
multiplication sign for hybrids.
1.0.13 -- canonical forms for cf. aff. qualifiers are modified: canonical for
'Aus cf. bus' is now 'Aus bus'; canonical for 'Aus aff. bus' is now 'Aus'.
Ranks at the end of the name like 'var', 'ssp', 'spp' are considered junk and
are ignored
1.0.12 -- bug is fixed which prevented 'Cucurbita pepo' be parsed correctly,
f., forma, fr. are now treated as any other ranks.