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1.0.17 -- fixed a bug which prevented all diacritics be converted correctly
1.0.16 -- dirty mode now converts ë to e
1.0.15 -- additional rules added for names ending with ssp. sp sp. and cf.
1.0.14 -- canonical forms had allowed ë as a character until now. After this
version the only utf-8 character allowed in canonical forms should be the
multiplication sign for hybrids.
1.0.13 -- canonical forms for cf. aff. qualifiers are modified: canonical for
'Aus cf. bus' is now 'Aus bus'; canonical for 'Aus aff. bus' is now 'Aus'.
Ranks at the end of the name like 'var', 'ssp', 'spp' are considered junk and
are ignored
1.0.12 -- bug is fixed which prevented 'Cucurbita pepo' be parsed correctly,
f., forma, fr. are now treated as any other ranks.
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