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OneClickSSL - Fully automated SSL Secure Site activation

Managing SSL, especially in hosting environments, requires a good understanding of the technology, and SSL often results in unnecessary costs through a number of technical issues.

OneClickSSL is a revolutionary SSL provisioning mechanism which rewrites the SSL paradigm and turns the SSL Certificate lifecycle overhead into a simple, easy to deploy solution, saving website administrators time and costs, and allowing hosting companies to focus on their core business.

For contributors

If you want to help and provide a patch for a bugfix or new feature, please take a few minutes and look at our Getting Involved guide, in particular check out the Coding standards and Commit Message Style Guide.

In general, fork the project, create a branch for a specific change and send a pull request for that branch. Don't mix unrelated changes. You can use the commit message as the description for the pull request.

For committers

When looking at pull requests, first check for proper commit messages.

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