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Globalcaching APPlication (short GAPP) is a geocache manager application for Windows.

This wiki will contain technical information about the design of GAPP. To see what GAPP is and what it does can be found on the home page of GAPP. The home of the GAPP website can be found at

Before you start coding in GAPP, please read the pages about the design of GAPP first to understand the structure and filosofy of the GAPP software.


GAPPSF is a separate application that is under development and not functional yet. Globalcaching Application (GAPP) is a great application with a solid architecture. However, it has some drawbacks regarding footprint. GAPPSF (GAPP Small Footprint) will be designed for other type of users, users that want their database updated instantly, without saving the data, but more important, data won't be read in memory first. Besides that GAPPSF will have a compelely different look and feel.

Some characteristics of GAPPSF:

  • Small footprint
  • changes to data instantly written to file
  • load multiple databases (and easily switch between them)
  • modern UI with flexible layout
  • consists out of 1 executable only
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