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For the previous challenge of demonstrating innovative use of (big) data, I used Globals
to build GGSMR, the "Globals Big Geospatial Data MapReducer," a desktop app which I
applied to map/reduce 5.2 million ocean CO2 data points from 1957-2011, visualizing the
results in a web app, "Globals for the Environment." For the current challenge I am
presenting the "GGSMR Hotspot Finder," a command line program which uses Globals to
post-process the map/reduce output of GGSMR to find the top 10 ocean CO2 "hotspots,"
visualizing the results as a "heat map" in an enhanced version of "Globals for the
Environment," v1.1 deployed at:
Please refer to the README at:
for details on:
- the problem
- the solution
- the algorithm
- the example run
- the visualization
Thank you,
William Cheung
Toronto, April 5, 2012 Earth Month
Globals Community member: wcheung
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