This is a wine-wrapper for league of legends in linux. It uses the system's wine install and sets up the prefix and shortcuts on the user's system.
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This method no longer works. League of Legends no longer runs on linux as of the June 2018 patch. See for details:

I'm keeping this github up in the event that they fix it to work with wine again.

IMPORTANT: Updates can now be found on gitlab. Due to Microsoft buying out GitHub I have moved all of my projects to gitlab.

Installation Instructions

Please be sure to install wine system dependencies. This can usually be achieved by installing wine on your system through your package manager. Additionally, these extra packages are necessary for wine to run LoL:
League of Legends additional Dependencies

Additional help can be found here: How to get out of Wine Dependency Hell

If you are on nvidia you will also need lib32-nvidia-utils on Arch.

Option A: Download Lutris and run my Lutris install script for League of Legends:
Lutris 0.4.13
League of Legends Install Script for Lutris

Option B: Without Lutris:

  1. Install wine-staging 2.18 (or higher) for your linux distribution.

  2. Download a copy of my League of Legends wine wrapper repo and extract it somewhere: leagueoflegends-linux-master

  3. Open the extracted folder in a terminal and:

    chmod a+x  
  4. Launch the game via any of the following methods:

    Applications>Games>League of Legends  
    League of Legends desktop shortcut  
    type "leagueoflegends" in a terminal  

Uninstallation/Removal Instructions

This applies to non-lutris only:

chmod a+x