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This build is a bit of a replacement for the previous builds which have now been removed. I've had some hit or miss troubles getting this build to a stable point that I wanted it, but all the standard games that worked before without mfplat should work fine. This should serve as a solid base moving forward.

The mf_install verb in protonfixes has been altered. I have removed the mf plat related files and registry entries which are not publicly available directly from Microsoft. I have also removed previously released builds that contained these files. There are two reasons for me doing this:

-The first, is that I wish for this project to stay within legal boundaries that allow it to be shared within Valve's proton bug trackers. The goal of my project is to help progress proton, therefore I do not wish to induce limits which would cause it to be moderated or banned from their bug tracker.

-The second, is that distribution of Microsoft libraries beyond Microsoft doing so directly, is illegal. Therefore I've removed those libraries from the mf_install verb's download list, and the corresponding registry entries. The only ones which remain are the ones which are supplied by Microsoft directly and are publicly available via KB976932.


-fixed fullscreen hack to work with downscaling such as vanilla proton
-added fix for fullscreen hack that allows integer scaling: ValveSoftware/wine#69
-patches for skyrim skyui status effect icons. icons now show up.
-patches for shadow of the tomb raider with vkd3d. game now runs with vkd3d again
-patches for gta v rockstar launcher and game. launcher and game now function correctly
-patches for origin downloads regression fix. origin should now download games and verify existing installed games (mostly) properly.
-adds stub so that star wars jedi: fallen order works - note, I have not tested the steam verson, only the origin version.
-patches for mk11 added. fixes mk11 launch crash. still needs mfplat
-the mk11 patch has a new envvar which is enabled only for mk11 and skyrim se: WINE_MEM_ALLOC_MOD. This patch is problematic in some other games, so it was better to set it off by default and only enable it with an envvar. I have set the envvar automatically in protonfixes for these two games.
-Fix for warhammer: chaosbane hair glitch in dxvk
-Fix for warlock: master of the arcane new game freeze in d9vk
-rawinput patches disabled (again), as it's currently broken (again).
-re-enabled commit that fixes alt-tabbing in most desktop environments: ValveSoftware/wine@a867509. Note, This causes the XFCE panel to appear above some games.
-The spinlocks portion of the fsync patch has been removed in order to improve stability
-d9vk updated
-dxvk updated
-faudio updated
-vkd3d updated

Known issues:
-mk11 has desync issue with online matches (online matches will not work).

Many games require mfplat functionality that does not come with proton or normal wine. It is very likely that without these libraries, some games will not function properly. The games that currently rely on mfplat and -may- be affected by the changes in the above mentioned "Notice" are:

-spyro reignited trilogy
-Monster Hunter World
-Blaz Blue Central Fiction
-Car Mechanic Simulator 2018
-PC Building Simulator
-American Fugitive
-Remnant: From the Ashes
-Darksiders Warmastered Edition
-Bloodstained Ritual of the Night
-Age of Empires: Definitive Edition
-Team Sonic Racing
-Disgaea 5
-Earth Defense Force 5
-Quantum Break
-Assetto Corsa Competizione
-RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard
-Resident Evil 4
-Resident Evil 2 Remake

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