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IMPORTANT: Updates can now be found on gitlab. Due to Microsoft buying out GitHub I have moved all of my projects to gitlab.

Installation Instructions


  1. Please be sure to install wine system dependencies. This can usually be achieved by installing wine on your system through your package manager. Additional help can be found here: How to get out of Wine Dependency Hell
  2. Please make sure your system has the wget and curl packages installed for your distro.
  3. Please make sure your system has wine-staging and winetricks installed for your distro.

You will also need to install curl on your system for the updater to work.

Option A: Download Lutris. If you have lutris already, please make sure it is updated to version 0.4.14 or higher, as older versions had problems running batch scripts. Next, run my Lutris install script for warframe:
Lutris 0.4.14
Warframe Install Script for Lutris

Option B: Without Lutris:

  1. Install wine-staging 3.3 (or higher) for your linux distribution.

  2. Download a copy of my warframe wine wrapper repo and extract it somewhere: warframe-linux-master

  3. Open the extracted folder in a terminal and:

  chmod a+x

An optional parameter may be passed to specify the target installation directory. Run ./ --help to see all available options.

  1. Launch the game via any of the following methods:
  Warframe desktop shortcut
  type "warframe" in a terminal
  1. The launcher will open and run in a terminal. It will then launch two "black boxes", one after another. This is Warframe.exe double checking for missed updates, and then optimizing the game cache. Once these launch they will close by themselves, and the game will launch, then the termnal window will close.

Uninstallation/Removal Instructions

This applies to non-lutris only:


Technical notes:

Known issues: Local Reflections cause graphical glitches. Motion blurring is broken, Depth of Field causes stuttering and does not work correctly. Leave them off.

These settings are disabled in the launcher to prevent crashing and for better performance:

  64-bit mode

These settings are disabled by default to reduce gameplay stuttering and/or graphical glitches:

  Vsync: OFF
  Local Reflections: OFF
  Local Reflection Blur: OFF
  Motion Blurring: OFF
  Depth of Field: OFF

You can set all other graphics settings as you wish.