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Releases: GloriousEggroll/wine-ge-custom

Wine-GE-Proton8-17 Released

25 Sep 08:51
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  • Fixed some packaged libraries not being stripped, significantly reduces package size
  • Added wine-gecko and wine-mono to the packaged builds (this adds about 375mb to the package)

What does this mean?

Originally, the unpackaged build was about ~600mb this included stripping and did NOT include gecko and mono.

Without stripping it accidentally brought the build to about ~1.4GB which was massive. This release fixes the stripping, and brings the size back down to ~600mb, HOWEVER..

with the new addition of gecko and mono the build size once again goes back up to ~976mb

So, unfortunately you WILL see a size increase from the original ~600 to ~976, but it is no longer 1.4gb in size.

Wine-GE-Proton8-16 Released

24 Sep 07:37
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  • update wine to latest bleeding edge
  • added patch to fix genshin impact crash on opening long urls (thanks iglu47 and Awekening on discord)
  • lutris buildbot wine build runtime updated to debian 12 (was previously on Ubuntu 18.04)
  • lutris buildbot now uses docker/podman based implementation instead of vagrant
  • lutris buildbot no longer requires separate 32/64 bit lxc containers and the build process is now simplified and much faster.
  • gstreamer libraries updated to 1.22 (same as proton)
  • missing libraries added for gstreamer (libbz2, libFLAC, libvpx)

Wine-GE-Proton8-15 Released

17 Sep 16:54
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  • proton-wine updated to bleeding edge
  • removed previously added ealink patch (turned out to be a Legendary launcher bug, not a wine bug. Pending on Legendary side: derrod/legendary#595)

Wine-GE-Proton8-14 Released

20 Aug 00:54
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  • FSR is no longer enabled by default as it was found to limit in-game resolutions in some games. To enable/use it you will need WINE_FULLSCREEN_FSR=1 alongside the usual options.
  • Added patch to allow Farlight 84 to not crash at the main menu
  • Added staging server-default_integrity patch 0005 needed for ealink URLs to work on non-steam wine builds.
  • wine updated to latest bleeding edge

Wine-GE-Proton8-13 Released

02 Aug 22:27
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Lutris-GE-lol-p8-12 Released

30 Jul 21:28
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  • New build based on proton-wine, which includes fullscreen hack and several other gaming-specific fixes
  • Includes Proton-GE patches, which has FSR
  • Fixes client and game opening in the background on gnome and not able to be maximized/visible
  • Fixes borderless mode not working
  • Fixes cursor capture in some environments
  • Fixes VkBasalt not working

Wine-GE-Proton8-12 Released

22 Jul 01:18
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  • This is a minor hotfix release that just syncs proton-wine with upstream versions from today. A user complained they were seeing some odd CPU+GPU usage in 8-7 but was fine in today's proton-experimental. After testing with this build based on today's experimental they confirmed it was working here too.

Wine-GE-Proton8-11 Released

21 Jul 07:52
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  • FSR IS BACK!!!
    Huge shoutout/thank you to Ph42oN for completely rebasing, updating and combining all of the old FSR patches to make them compatible with Proton 8.
  • Additionally a bug was fixed by Ph42oN with fullscreen not working properly when fsr is disabled which was present in proton 7
  • proton-wine updated to latest git

Wine-GE-Proton8-9 Released

02 Jul 13:05
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  • wine updated to latest bleeding edge
  • staging patches rebased

Wine-GE-Proton8-10 Released

02 Jul 21:06
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  • fixed FFXIV Hydaelyn new player intro video not playing (again)