An implementation of SpongeAPI for Bukkit servers (Glowstone, Spigot)
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An implementation of SpongeAPI as a Bukkit plugin.

Bukkit2Sponge allows loading SpongeAPI plugins on Bukkit servers.

Warning: very incomplete (bug reports and pull requests appreciated, see issues)


Copy the plugin jar to the plugins directory of your Bukkit server.

Run your server, the first time it will create a plugins/Bukkit2Sponge/plugins directory. You can place your SpongeAPI plugins here.

If using the Glowstone server, you can alternatively place the SpongeAPI plugins in the top-level plugins/ directory and they will be loaded by Bukkit2Sponge as well.

When starting the server, if configured correctly Bukkit2Sponge should log the SpongeAPI plugins it finds:

12:00:00 [INFO] [Bukkit2Sponge] Loading plugins...
12:00:00 [INFO] [Bukkit2Sponge] Initializing 1 SpongeAPI plugins...


Latest builds are available from:

Building from source

  1. After installing the Java Development Kit and Maven, checkout the source:
git clone
cd Bukkit2Sponge
  1. Build the plugin:
mvn package

The plugin jar will be placed in target/.

See also

  • SpongeForge: SpongeAPI implementation on Minecraft Forge
  • SpongeVanilla: SpongeAPI implementation on Minecraft
  • Pore: a SpongeAPI plugin to load Bukkit plugins (the opposite of Bukkit2Sponge)


Bukkit2Sponge is open-source software released under the MIT license. Please see the LICENSE file for details.

Bukkit is open-source software released under the GPL license. Please see the LICENSE.txt file in the Bukkit repository for details.

Sponge is open-source software released under the MIT license. Please see the LICENSE.txt file in the Sponge repository for details.