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Glowstone is in development and needs your help!


Glowstone is written in Java and uses Google's code style guidelines. For more info, see Code Style.

  • To get started on a new feature, either find an issue or create a new one describing what you're going to do. Make sure no one is working on the same thing before you start!
  • Fork Glowstone, and if necessary, Glowkit (please link to your Glowkit PR from your Glowstone PR). Make a new branch on your fork describing your new feature in a word or two. That way, you will be able to track multiple Pull-Requests simultaneously.
  • After you're done, you can submit a pull request. It will be reviewed by Glowstone's collaborators, and you'll be able to revise your code to be (almost) perfect! We might even pitch in some code. Make sure you look at your repository for incoming pull requests.

Be advised that this is just a summary and you should read Contributing and PR Handling.


We are also in need of people to document Glowstone. Small changes, like grammar and formatting are welcome on the wiki and in the code.

Project Documentation Todo
Code Documentation Todo


Glowstone is in development, and we need your help to make it as stable as possible!

An important part of Glowstone is compatibility. Make sure you test plugins so we can make sure the transition from CraftBukkit to Glowstone can be as seamless as possible.

In addition to finding plugin compatibility errors, we need people to find bugs within Glowstone itself. If you find any bugs, make sure to post a bug report.

Make sure you follow the guidelines when opening an issue.

Make sure you include your environment details, like your OS, Java version, and Glowstone version. Be sure that the problem is with Glowstone and not a plugin.
If there is a server error, make sure to paste that too.
Remember that the issue tracker is for server bugs, errors and suggestions, not for asking for help or information about Glowstone. You can do that on the forums.

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