Why Glowstone

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I'm coming from Spigot/CraftBukkit/PaperSpigot. Why should I use Glowstone?

Before we explain the benefits of moving to Glowstone, we would like to say that Glowstone is not complete and you will notice some missing features from moving from your CraftBukkit-based server. We also don't support nms or obc code, though this is being worked on through Linkstone. In other words, Glowstone does not provide org.bukkit.craftbukkit.* and net.minecraft.server.* packages, so plugins using these packages will break.

Glowstone is completely open source. We don't depend on internal Minecraft code, all of it is original. This also means our code is a lot simpler and a lot more optimized in most places than CraftBukkit and Minecraft.

Just because Glowstone is written from scratch doesn't mean you'll sacrifice plugin compatibility. Glowstone supports Bukkit, Spigot-API, and PaperSpigot-API plugins natively, and provides first class support for Bukkit2Sponge, which provides Sponge plugin support.

If you're a developer, you'll find contributing a lot easier than with CraftBukkit, as there is no hard to read code or a need to maintain a minimal diff. You could even modify Glowstone for private use, to strip away or enhance parts of Glowstone to your server's specific needs.

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