Gluu, Inc.

Identity & access management (IAM) software for securing web & mobile applications.

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  1. oxAuth

    OAuth 2.0 server and client; OpenID Connect Provider (OP) & UMA Authorization Server (AS)

    Java 145 84

  2. oxTrust

    Gluu Server UI for managing authentication, authorization and users.

    Java 49 38

  3. oxd

    Client software to secure apps with OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, and UMA

    Java 16 18

  4. docs-ce-prod

    Production documentation repo for the Gluu Server Community Edition (CE)

    28 32

  5. cluster-mgr

    Tool to facilitate LDAP replication and log centralization for a cluster of Gluu Servers

    Python 5 7

  6. community-edition-setup

    Scripts and templates to automate deployment and configuration of the Gluu Server Community Edition

    Python 79 30

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