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SCIM is a specification designed to reduce the complexity of user management operations by providing a common user schema and the patterns for exchanging this schema using HTTP in a platform-neutral fashion. The aim of SCIM is achieving interoperability, security, and scalability in the context of identity management.

Developers can think of SCIM merely as a REST API with endpoints exposing CRUD functionality (create, update, retrieve and delete).

This project consists of a ready-to-use Java client to interact with those endpoints.

Detailed specifications for SCIM can be found at RFC 7642, RFC 7643, and RFC 7644. Documentation of Gluu's implementation of SCIM service is available at User Management with SCIM.

Below is the link for the latest Gluu implementation of SCIM client:

How to run tests

  • Ensure you have a working installation of Gluu Server

  • Enable and then protect your SCIM API using test mode or UMA (see API protection)

  • Edit profiles/default/ or create a profile directory with your own copy of

    Supply suitable values for properties file. Use this as a guide if you are under UMA protection.

  • ... and run maven. Examples:

    • mvn test
    • mvn -Dcfg=<profile-name> test
    • mvn -Dtestmode=true test