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Welcome to the world of The Runic Orbs!

The Runic Orbs is a funny sandbox indie adventure game using C++, OpenGL and Qt4. It was originally created by Glyca.


Check for builds at the download section. You must have Qt libraries installed (or in DLLs next to the executable for Windows), since they are not provided in the zip.


  • Default seed 12345678 already offers a beautiful landscape
  • You should not go in negatives coordinates, because destucking is buggy (F3 to se your coordinates)
  • You should not put an high view distance, otherwise your graphic card will sweat :D
  • At startup, let the game load a few chunks before mining for the first time


Any contribution, no matter the form or amount, is greatly appreciated. Feel free to make suggestions on the forum!


v0.0.6 (comming soon)

(basic multiplayer, saving)

v0.0.5 (Jun 9 2012)

(project rename, many performance and code improvments, OBJ loader, charge, and many more)
+ Renamed project into "The Runic Orbs"
+ Fast functions for expansive math operations (cos, sin...)
+ Most windows are centered as they are displayed
+ New "TORCH" block which doesn't produce light yet
+ Basic light occlusion for blocks
+ World seed is now taken into account for chunk generation and is displayed with F3
+ Chunks are generated in separate threads (no FPS drop when exploring anymore)
+ Great speed improvment by computing chunk geometry in another thread
+ Basic log system (not in a file yet)
+ New OBJ (Wavefront) 3D models loader and renderer
+ Cube blocks can have a multiple faced textures
+ Added a GRASS layer in terrain generation
+ Inventories now have a charge, and the player can see it thanks to a charge bar at screen
+ Official website is displayed in a frame in the Home dialog, along with a link.
+ Console in the server widget, which displays server log
+ Closing the game window brings you back to the home menu
+ Added credits tab in option dialog
+ Window size at startup can be configured in options
+ Seed can be a string, which is then converted to an integer in options
* You can't place a block where there is already on placed
* Chunk are generated and rendered only when in the view distanre (no useless chunk generation anymore)
* Player spawns randomly in positives (and thus not buggy) chunks
* Reduced chunk size from 24 to 20 for speed
* Changed "bilinear" texture filtering by "mipmaps" and made it default
* Tweaked some GUIs
* Fixed bug of inaccessible blocks in negative chunks
* Walk velocity is not direction dependant anymore
* You can't jump trought blocks anymore
* Reduced jump force

v0.0.4 (April 1 2012)

(not an April fool!)
[ADD] Configurable view distance
[ADD] French translation
[ADD] Textures
[ADD] Configurable texture filtering
[ADD] Reticule for better picking
[ADD] A beginning of event system (client to server and vice versa)
[ADD] Block destruction
[ADD] Block placement
[ADD] Smooth shading and anti-aliasing are now configurable
[ADD] Only visible faces are rendered (huge speed increase)
[ADD] Basic inventory system of 8 slots
[ADD] Started creation of server join/host guis
[FIX] Decreased chunk size a little bit (will be increased later)
[FIX] Camera is now at eye level and not at feet level
[FIX] Default key map is better for french
[FIX] Jump and walking are not FPS dependant anymore
[FIX] You are not stuck when you fall at low FPS thanks to destucking
[FIX] Removed useless lighting system until a real implementation
[BUG] At the boundary between negative chunks, there is some ghost blocks (unbreakable, breaks physic...)

v0.0.3 (March 7 2012)

(the biggest step forward for the moment)
[ADD] Jump
[ADD] New drawing method using VBOs. (decreases CPU usage by 90% for just a few chunks)
[ADD] Blocks now have colors
[ADD] New terrain generation method (experimental, using Perlin noise)
[ADD] Chunks are now loaded at a good distance from the player, avoiding him to await the generation
[ADD] The game can be paused and resumed properly
[ADD] Game have a persistent, customizable configuration for FPS (and almost the seed)
[ADD] Lighting. Shapes are more visible
[ADD] Collisions. You can't go through blocks anymore
[FIX] Compilable on Windows since OpenGL 1.5 and higher functions are loaded

v0.0.2 (Feb 29 2012)

(almost recoded from scratch with things removed)
[ADD] A whole new architecture created
[ADD] Got a reliable overpainting method working
[ADD] Camera is reliable, and now works without Quaternions
[ADD] You can walk in two directions (ex. FORWARD-LEFT)
[ADD] You can't fall into blocks anymore
[FIX] Simplified world generator a lot
[FIX] Code and debug warnings cleanup

v0.0.1 (Feb 5 2012)

(very first version)
[ADD] Current FPS are displayed in window title
[ADD] You fall thanks to the gravity
[ADD] Physic engine with forces, velocity, acceleration and fluid fiction
[ADD] Randomly generated cubes are drawn
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