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A python based poolhopper for bitcoin
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# License
bitHopper by Colin Rice is licensed under a Creative Commons
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at

# Instructions

In order to run bithopper you need twisted phython and pyopenssl installed with Python 2.7 (recommended): (for Windows)

Copy "user.cfg.default" to a new file called "user.cfg" then modify the new
file to include your pool worker usernames and passwords, instead of mine.
Run "python". After script updates info, please check if new pools
have been added correctly if not edit your "user.cfg" accordingly.

If you don't want to use a pool give it an invalid password (WARNING: some pools
ignore passwords from miners!), or go to http://localhost:8337/stats and switch its
role to disable, or just delete it from "user.cfg".

BitHopper listens on loopback interface so you should direct your miner to
localhost:8337 with any username and password (not blank).

BitHopper status page: http://localhost:8337/stats

# Windows installation

Download and install:

Then follow the above instructions

# Switches

You can launch bH with the following parameters:

	--ip              = IP to listen on
	--port            = Port to listen on
	--auth            = Ask for user and password on stats page (--auth user,pass)
	--listschedulers  = List alternate schedulers available
	--scheduler       = Select an alternate scheduler
	--threshold       = Override difficulty threshold (default 0.43)
	--p2pLP           = Starts up an IRC bot to validate LP based hopping
	--debug           = Use twisted output

# Available Schedulers:


A none slicing scheduler. May actually be the best scheduler there is.


The time based default scheduler. All that matters is time and it tries to be completely fair across all pools. A little less effective but thoroughly debugged.


Tries to be more aggressive at switching pools when thresholds are met rather than finishing a slice. Can be used with --altslicesize=xxx --altminslicesize=xxx (where you replace x with a number for slice size and min). Also slice size can be used with --altslicejitter=xx which adds some random variance to slice size. There can be issues with failing to re-slice often enough.

Specific parameters:

	--altslicesize            = Override Default AltSliceScheduler Slice Size of 900
	--altminslicesize         = Override Default Minimum Pool Slice Size of 60 (AltSliceScheduler only)
	--altslicejitter          = Add some random variance to slice size, disabled by default (AltSliceScheduler only)
	--altsliceroundtimebias   = Bias slicing slightly by round time duration with respect to round time target (default false)
	--altsliceroundtimetarget = Round time target based on GHash/s (default 1000 Ghash/s)
	--altsliceroundtimemagic  = Round time magic number, increase to bias towards round time over shares


Not currently in use.


Not currently in use.

# Skins

You can change the color scheme on the status page. Skins and .jpg preview are located in the StatSkin sub directory.
Just copy the index file to the main directory to change skin and hit refresh on your browser. No need to restart.

# More help

You can go to and start reading the bitHopper wiki or ask for help in the oficial forum
at Join us on Freenode ( #bithopper channel.


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